The Blue Chip Dealer Group is an association of premier pre-approved independent New and Used car dealerships. Blue Chip Dealers serve the South African motoring public through a common bond in integrity and robust code of conduct ensuring the best New and Used car buying experience is delivered to all Blue Chip Dealer customers.

Car finance is available at all major banks and we will arrange the best trade in or cash prices for your used car. We offer free car valuations and offer free advice and guidance on all New and Used Car related matters.

We also offer a wide range of  insurance, warranty and car protection products to help you take best possible care  of your New or Used Car.  Speak to your Blue Chip business manager to find out more about the latest products and services on offer

Find  Blue Chip Dealer nearest to you and book a no obligation test drive today. Your Blue Chip Dealer will assist you with all test drive arrangements and help care for you and your loved ones through the entire New or Used car buying and driving experience.

Blue Chip Dealers provide you with New and Used car dealership branches in the Western Cape, Gauteng, Free State, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal. Let us help you get the best New and Used Car deals. Happy motoring!


Car dealers wishing to apply for Blue Chip Dealer status are first required to meet a very stringent set of important qualifying criteria before the application process can begin. If all the criteria are met and the application is successfully processed, the relevant regional executive committee will meet to consider the dealers application. Should the applying dealership meet with the Blue Chip Dealer Group approval, they will be invited to attend a monthly regional meeting where existing Blue Chip Dealer members can openly discuss membership advantages, requirements and Blue Chip Dealer Group expectations in greater detail with the applying dealer.

All Blue Chip Dealers are well-established car dealerships. Membership demands an excellent reputation with industry role players such as banks, insurance companies and suppliers. Members are required to comply with the highest trading standards, absolute compliance with relevant industry regulators and display the highest degrees of work ethic at all times. By doing business with a member of the Blue Chip Dealer Group, you are assured of a professional, quality purchase, leading insurance and warranty product offerings and the very best after sales service in South Africa.K HERE


Blue Chip Dealers are proudly supported by

The IDA and its members are recognized by financial institutions and other role players in the industry as being an organization with high esteem and wide spread negotiation powers. All IDA members adhere to their code of conduct and disciplinary procedures.

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Lightstone Auto provides data-driven insight, online market intelligence and new car sales data to the South African motor industry. Building on our core capabilities in analytics and our deep understanding of big data we offer a suite of products, systems and services.

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VMG Software specializes in servicing the unique administration, accounting and marketing software needs of modern independent dealerships.

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