Hi Henco I have finally just had the chance to sit down after a busy weekend, I’m sure you remember how it goes in the building industry… and so i felt that I really needed to send you a thank you….! I had some time on Sunday to myself, which meant shooting down to the shops and so had the opportunity to put the bakkie through its paces down to the shops!!! MaN!!!! I was driving the FJ before this but I doubt I will miss it with all the space at the back and the fact that I still have good power!… my girlfriend loves all the gadgets and had to show me how to use all of them and connectivity hahahah! I just wanted to thank you for being so inviting and making the whole finance process a breeze. I really enjoyed our chat regarding the Eastern Cape and the life of a QS….hahahah…. All I can say is the freedom you have in the building industry is the only factor that attracts one to the building industry these days in my opinion. You really got to love what you do to stay in this game. Then, the man that set the wheels in motion, quite literally…. If it wasn’t for Koenie’s respectful approach, proactiveness in supporting my decision to purchase the hilux by sending me such great high quality images very shortly after my initial enquiry of the bakkie, I most probably wouldn’t have given the vehicle another thought. His friendly and graceful approach to business is exemplary and his ability to win you over with his naturally charismatic personality is a winning combination. So thanks to the both of you and I look forward to many happy miles ahead of adventuring in the Eastern Cape! Regards Shaun Van Der Riet

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