Complaints Resolution Policy | Bluechip Dealers



The Bluechipdealer Group recognizes an individual's right to make a complaint about its service, staff and conduct ,where that individual interests appeared to have been adversely and unjustly impacted by such services or conduct.

Complaint Resolution options:

Local Resolution

The goal of local resolution is to address and resolve the problems as quickly and directly as possible. Local resolution involves a discussion with the owner of the member (dealership) in question. This is a prerequisite to the next step.

Bluechipdealer Group Resolution

The Bluechip Group Resolution committee is a neutral board, working within existing group policy and procedures to address and resolve disagreements informally. The goal is to achieve a fair and reasonable solution of the complaint that is satisfactory to all parties involved.

Rules of Complaint Resolution.

If a complaint has not been resolved through the local resolution process you may refer the complaint to the Bluechipdealer Resolution Board.

All complaints must be submitted in writing to No telephonic complaint will be accommodated. Please set out the details of the complaint, including the background, the grounds of the complaint and the redress sought.

On the receipt of the complaint the Bluechip Group Resolution Board office will:

  • Register and acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours.
  • Clarify the complainants issues, consulting with the complainant and other parties where necessary.
  • Assess the most suitable method of dealing with the complaint.
  • The Bluechip Group Resolution Board will try to resolve the complaint within 7 working days.
  • Where it is not possible to resolve the complaint within the stated time frame, we will advise the complainant about the progress every third working day.
  • Inform the complainant and respondent of the outcome and the action taken to resolve the complaint.

Referral to outside agencies

Any person at any time, may make a complaint to an external agency such as the Motor Industries Ombudsman ( or the National Consumer Tribunal. (