The Blue Chip Dealers Association is a non-profit association representing an exclusive group of independent used and new franchise vehicle dealers in South Africa, with the purpose of sharing potential customers, stock, skill and knowledge through the medium of a simple but highly effective system, thereby empowering the group and each member to become or remain a successful dealer.


The Blue Chip Dealers Association will endeavour to achieve its vision in practice by means of the effective use of comprehensive communication systems (Telephone, Email groups, SMS groups, Monthly meetings and the establishment and maintenance of its own website) on the following basis:

  • To match a potential client with a suitable vehicle.
  • To identify potential clients and strive to satisfy their needs.
  • Identifying potential cars to satisfy potential clients needs.
  • To improve stock sourcing for the group in order to attain a greater market share for its members.
  • To improve the speed of turnover for the individual member.
  • To improve the competitiveness of each member via the medium of the Blue Chip Dealers Association.
  • To support every member to manage a healthy and profitable dealership.
  • To facilitate the successful conclusion of a transaction between members, when a prospective client and vehicle have been matched.


  • Every member is required to have integrity.
  • Reliability and trust is the cornerstone of the association.
  • Comprehensive trust is a prerequisite of the association.
  • No one member will profit at the expense of another member.
  • All transactions between members, whether by exchanging or purchasing of stock, or profit-sharing deals, shall always be approached on a win-win basis.


  • The total membership shall not exceed 25 members per cell group in each region.
  • New members shall only be allowed into the group, on the basis of a two thirds majority vote by existing members.
  • Voting shall be done by process of secret ballot.
  • Attendance of monthly meetings is vital to the success of the group. These meetings are to be considered as a high priority as all decisions based on negotiations with external companies (e.g. finance companies) are voted on at these meetings on the two thirds majority principle.
  • It is expected from the members to attend a minimum of eight meetings per year.
  • A personal website with a “link” to the Blue Chip Website is required.
  • New member’s acceptance into the group shall be based on the criteria of integrity, reliability, loyalty, credibility and trust. These characteristics form the cornerstone of the Blue Chip Dealers Association.


The committee members are elected from within the membership of the Blue Chip Dealers Association and are elected to stand for a period of two (2) years.

The committee shall be comprised of:

  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Secretary

The committee may co-opt other members to assist them as required.

Nominations to stand on the committee must be proposed and seconded.


This document consists of two parts:

  • The Code of Conduct
  • The disciplinary rules


This document binds all members to the protection of each other’s rights as well as the widely accepted principle of respect towards each other, resulting in co-operation and trust between members.

All members agree to foster and enhance the public and trade image of the Blue Chip Dealers Association and will ensure that their behaviour will in no way bring the group’s name or image into disrepute, and that they will not in any manner breach the code of conduct as set out herein.


Any misuse of trust under any circumstances will be considered a serious transgression.


All business transactions should be based on legal and business principles. This code of conduct considers the receipt and granting of gifts as normal business practice in terms of relationship building, on the provision that it may not be interpreted as intending to influence decisions or can be construed as a bribe. All gifts must be made public knowledge to the group.


Should any member be found guilty of the above, any member may bring such complaint to the attention of the chairman. The chairman will then assemble a disciplinary committee, which shall be constituted as follows:

Chairman plus two additional members. This committee will then study the facts and merits of the complaint, before a formal charge is drawn up. All three members must reach the same conclusion in terms of action to be taken. The offending member shall be notified by email or in writing, 14 days in advance of the hearing of the charges made against him/her. Charges shall be detailed so the offending member may have the opportunity to prepare himself to defend the case. The offending member does have the option of not attending the hearing, in which case the chairman shall terminate his membership 7 days before his hearing, with immediate effect.


  1. Theft
  2. Fraud
  3. Unethical Business Practices
  4. Disorderly Behaviour
  5. Breach Of Trust
  6. Any Breach Of The Association Stated Codes Of Conduct
  7. Financial Default

All members, without exception are required to comply with the laws of the land, as well as accepted business practices. Should a member be found guilty in a court of law pertaining to public or criminal charge, his membership will be summarily terminated.