The Blue Chip Dealer Group offers the widest range of South Africa’s best Insurance and Warranty products to cater for your individual needs.

Be sure to protect yourself from life’s unexpected events by speaking to your Blue Chip Dealer about the amazing products available to you to protect you and your premium Blue Chip vehicle.


Pre-Owned Warranties

This warranty is for customers who are purchasing a vehicle where the manufacturer’s warranty has already expired.

Your Pre-Owned Warranty will cover you for the repair and/or replacement of components, specifically listed under the respective policy’s specifications, arising from a mechanical and/or electrical failure during the cover period of your policy.

Extended Warranties

This warranty is for customers who have an existing Manufacturer’s Warranty or Maintenance Plan. By taking an extended warranty, you get the benefit of an unlimited repair/replacement value on all components covered in your extended warranty plan.

Paint and Wheel Protection

Paint protection coats your paintwork with a plastic shell, which means light scratches, and harmful chemicals cannot leave blemishes.

Scratch and Dent Protection

Keep your car in peak showroom condition with a scratch and dent protection plan.

Scratch and Dent cover is one of the most under-rated insurance policies around, particularly in South Africa where our roads are known for potholes and reckless taxi’s.

Smash N Grab

Make the smart and safe investment by installing protective window film specially made to prevent smash-and-grabs.

Prices will vary depending on the size of your vehicle and how many windows you apply the film to.

Be aware that some films are merely shatterproof and not anti-smash-and-grab – the two terms are not synonymous.

Ask your Blue Chip Dealer about the various Smash and Grab products available before you buy.